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Frederik Ankjær

An Architect MAA and Designer based in Aarhus, DK


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Frederik Ankjær Normann Pedersen

Frederik Ankjær is an Environmental Architect MAA & Designer, LEGO Master Builder, Event Coordinator, Project and Construction Manager.

His work focuses on addressing the climate change, ecology and regenerative cultures through a impactful and playful approaches. He is the founder of Ankjr. Design Studio and co. founder of Re-Claim.


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Creative Design

Are you in search of sustainable architectural advice to make informed decisions for your future home? Or perhaps you need assistance in transforming your ideas into a vivid visual representation? I'm here to offer expert guidance and help bring your vision for a sustainable and well-designed home to life.


Model Designs

Whether you envision a grand architectural masterpiece or a meticulously detailed small-scale model, I specialize in crafting diverse models tailored to your unique needs. With expertise in utilizing materials such as LEGO bricks or a medium of your choice, I bring your concepts to life with precision and creativity.


LEGO Masterclass

Experience the ultimate LEGO journey with my specialized Masterclasses! Designed for playful creativity, these sessions guarantee fun and exploration of LEGO's endless possibilities. Tailored for various ages, from advanced to beginner levels, there's something for everyone!

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    Chr. Wærumsgade 19, Aarhus, Denmark